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Electric Sparky Land is a professional High Definition Digital recording studio located in the SOFA district of Oakland California. It is loaded with good vibes in a big space! We are Protools HD3 equipped, and have a delicious collection of preamps, and microphones to capture the sounds you hear, and want. We have an amazing selection of digital effects as well. Please check out our gear section for the entire menu. At Electric Sparky Land we can take your project from pre-production, recording, mixing, and mastering up to pressing of your CD, or DVD!.
ESL offers an amazing assortment of ProTools plugins, as well as supporting HD DVD audio 5.1 surround sound. We offer several Mastering options and maintain partnerships with many Bay Area recording engineers. ESL offers in house engineers and assistants for all of your tracking and mixing needs, but our facilities are open to independent engineers. We have flexible rates based on industry standards, and will always meet our clients half-way when it come to the struggling musician.

Choosing a studio

Choosing a recording studio before you record is very important, If at all possible you must visit several before deciding on one. Experience, Equipment, Location, and Vibe, are four major considerations. We have the experience, and equipment to get your project completed, and our location is easily accessible by driving, or BART, and our Vibe is relaxing, comfortable, and just plain inspiring to bring your muse to the masses. ESL is a great place for live tracking from trios to a 10-piece band, vocal ensembles to soloists. We have great sound separation, and a large live room with a rich warm sound. Contact us and make sure to include Electric Sparky Land in your studio tours when it comes time for your next recording project.