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ESL services

ESL can be your one stop shop, offering an array of services for bands, record labels, video game developers, and other entertainment companies. From recording, to mixing, and mastering, as well as graphics, art, and cd packaging. ESL offers a broad range of services that allows you to create while we do the work. We can even help promote your finished project with website design, flyers, and releases. Anything that your project needs to get out of the nest. Let us help you bring your project into reality.

Audio Recording services


We can record up to 24 simultaneous tracks of up to 192Khz High Definition with plenty of tracks left over for overdubs, and experiments as needed. Coupled with 35' high ceilings. Excellent separation, and a great open space ESL can capture the sounds as you hear them in your head.


ESL has a state of the art audio suite control room with full automation, and high end speakers. ESL has a vast array of Protools, and 3rd party plugins to help mix in that little something extra, or fix that one little "oops" in an otherwise perfect take, or completely send it to another dimension in sound.


Our goal at ESL is for you to have the highest quality end product possible, which is why although we can master your project on site, we also have partnerships with various engineers, and facilities around the Bay Area that specialize solely on that aspect of the recording process. Third party engineers are also welcome to utilize our mastering suite at the clients request.

Sound Design:

We offer a one stop sound design solution and will always go the extra mile for our clients. We offer price breakdowns that will scale based on your usage, so you can estimate your own budget through out. ESL offers you a per unit price on each music loop, sound effect and voice over line that you require.


Internet and image promotion

CD packaging:

ESL has produced many records and managed many projects from tracking through CD art and packaging. ESL offers in-house graphic designer and pre-press production at below market rates. If you need original art for you CD or LP ESL is located in the vulcan foundry studio, a live work art community and we have a partnership with Inferno gallery that represents some of the most cutting edge visual artists in the bay area. So what ever you vision we can see it through completion, along side you, managing the whole project from start to finish.

Website Development:

ESL has on its staff two full time web developers that can make your project site come alive with rich web media. From search engine optimization to full interactive flash based sites, anything you can imagine, is at you disposal with our  Widgimo  design team. From concept to creation ESL can make your web presence shine, with video, streaming audio, and a design that truly represents your image and vibrations. Stop waiting for your buddy to finish your site, let us get you a web solution that you can grow with today.


Web casting:

Behind ESL are the founders of, one of the first internet radio stations, and the forerunners of the underground oakland internet music scene. Winners of the East Bay Express  Beast Award for Best place to see Live Music in 2002, ESL is our next collective endeavour, the founder of ESL was a vulcan radio dj. From live video shoots, to on-demand streaming services in Flash and Quicktime, ESL can set your web site and promotion apart from the rest of the music out there.

Pod cast recording:

Do you have a show that you need to host a round table discussion group? Are you running into space problems recording your podcast  in your home studio? ESL has very competitive rates, that can set you up in our open kitchen with a table that seats eight to twenty people, shoot the whole show from four cameras, mixed live on our four channel video mixer and then to DV cam or straight into your computer. ESL has a mobile unit that can come to your event or conference center and mix in the room real time, bringing your podcast a professional and cutting edge look and feel.


James Whitehead is an oakland photographer and musician that runs a very great mobile photo service. If your project needs photos for promo packs, James is a great friend of ESL, as well a founder of His rates are great and his turnaround is very fast.