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ESL offers all standard PT 3 party plugins, as well as supporting HD DVD audio 6.1 surround sound. We offer several Mastering options and maintain partnerships with many Bay Area recording engineers. ESL offers in house engineers and assistants for all of your tracking and mixing needs, but our facilities are open to third-party engineers. We have flexible rates based on industry standards, and will always meet our clients half-way when it come to the struggling musician.


 Avalon Vt 737 sp

 Trident S20 dual

 Dan Alexander Audio dual (neve preamps)

 16 tracks of Focusrite Class A pre's in Control 24


 DBX 266 (4)

 Avalon Vt 737 sp


 Alesis Microverb III

 DigiTech GSP 21

 Roland GP-8

 Ensoniq DP/4

 Aphex Aural Exciter with Big Bottom

 Metasonix Tx-2

 Vox Tone Lab SE

 Sound Modules


 Alesis DM5

 E-MU Vintage Keys Plus

 Ensoniq EPS'm  sampler

 Yamaha Motif 88


 Tascam Potastudio 424 mkII 4 track cassette

 Sansui MR-6 6 rack cassette

 Apogee  Big Ben Wordclock


 Yamaha Motif 88

 Vintange Hammond T-222 with leslie speaker cab


 Apple Dual G5 2.7 Ghz PowerPC


 Digidesign 192 (2)


 DigiDesign Control 24 (with full automation)


 Protools HD 3

Music Software

 Reason 3.0

 Garageband 2.0

Soft Instruments

 Native Instruments B4 II

 Access Music Indigo

 Indigo Virus



 Rode NTK

 Royer R-122 Ribbon Mic

 AKG C-3000

 Octava MK-219

 ElectroVoice RE-20

 Shure VP-88

 AKG C451 B (2)

 Shure SM57(2)

 Shure SM58 (2)

 Sennheiser MD 504 (3)

 Sennheiser MD 421 II (2)

 AKG D 3400 (2)

 Realistic PZM..


 Slingerland 6 piece drum kit

 Yamaha Custom Recording 6 piece drum kit

 Yamaha Steve Jordan cocktail drum kit


 Tacoma Chief Acoustic

 Fender Telecaster guitar

 Fender Bullet Bass deluxe

 Fender Music Master guitar (1960)

 Fender Stratacoustic guitar

 Gibson SG custom guitar

 Gibson Explorer guitar

 Schrecter XXX omen 6 string

 Line6 Vari-Axe 700 guitar

 Big Briar Theremin

 Ibanez SGR 300 4 string bass with active electronics


 Roland JC-200

 SG systems ( A Kick Ass Bass Amp! formerly owned by CheapTrick)

 Yamaha 2x12 tube amp.

 Moog TB-15

 Mesa Boogie Lonestar 2-12

 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 4-12

 Fender Hotrod Deluxe, 180w 2-12


  1. Sony Oxford EQ w/ filters

  2. Line 6 Ampfarm

  3. IK Multimedia Amplitube

  4. Antares Auto-Tune 4

  5. BF Essential Clip remover

  6. BF Essential Corr

  7. BF Essential Meter

  8 BF Essential Noise

  9. BF essential Tuner

  10. BIAS SoundSoap

  11. Bombfactory 1176

  12. Broadband Noise reduction

  13. digidesign Bruno

  14. McDSP Channel Z

  15. digidesign Chorus

  16. digidesign click

  17. digidesign D-Verb

  18. digidesign ReWire

  19. digidesign Dither

  20. digidesign Dynamics 2

  21. Line 6 Echo Farm

  22. digidesign EQ II

  23. digidesign EQ III

  24. Eventide Factory

  25. digidesign Fairchild 660

  26. digidesign Fairchild 670

  27. digidesign Flanger

  28. Focusrite D2

  29. Focusrite D3

  30. digidesign Funk Logic Masterer

  31. digidesign Impact

  32. digidesign Invert-Duplicate

  33. digidesign LoFi

  34. TC Electronic Master X3

  35. digidesign Maxim

  36. McDSP MC2000 MP4

  37. digidesign Mod Delay II

  38. digidesign Multi-Tap Delay

  39. digidesign Normalize-Gain

  40. CraneSong Phoenix

  41. digidesign PingPong Delay\

  42. digidesign pitch

  43. digidesign Pultec EQH-2

  44. digidesign Pultec EQP-1A

  45 digidesign Pultec MEQ-5

  46. Eventide Quadravox

  47. digidesign RectiFi

  48. digidesign Reso

  49. digidesign Reverb One

  50. digidesign Reverse-DC Remival

  51. digidesign ReVibe

  52. digidesign SciFi

  53. digidesign Signal Generator

  54. digidesign Slightly Rude Compressor

  55. digidesign Smack! TDM

  56. digidesign SoundReplacer

  57.  SoundToys Crystallizer

  58. SoundToys EchoBoy


Plugins continued…

  59. SoundToys FilterFreak

  60. SoundToys PhaseMistress

  61. SoundToys Speed

  62. SoundToys Tremolator

  63. digidesign Stereo Mixer

  64. digidesign Synchronic

  65. digidesign Time Comp-Exp-Pitch Shift

  66. digidesign TimeAdjuster

  67. Trillium Labs TL Space

  68. digidesign Trim

  69. Universal Audio 1176LN

  70. Universal Audio 1176SE

  71. Universal Audio LA2A

  72. URS A10 Series EQ

  73. URS N12 Series EQ

  74. digidesign VariFi

  75. Melodyne by Celemony

  76. Waves Gold Bundle

   a. AudioTrack

   b. C1

   c. C4

   d. DeEsser

   e. DLA

   f. Doppler

   g. Enigma

   h. IDR

   i. L1

   j. MaxxBass

   k. MetaFlanger

   l. MondoMod

   m. PAZ

   n. PS22

   o. Q10

   p. RCL

   q. REQ

   r. RVerb

   s. S1

   t. SuperTap

   u.  TrueVerb

   v. UltraPitch